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What is a Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program allows businesses to reward their loyal customers with perks for repeat business, spend levels and other criteria pertinent to that business. Most businesses use the old fashion paper punch card, however the rise of smart phones has taken this simple successful system and given it capabilities never seen before. The Hometown Mobile Rewards App™ solution puts the power of these capabilities in your hands.



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Work with one of our Local Loyalty Advertising Specialists to create your own digital punch card. You decide what rewards you wish to give your customers based on a set amount of times they complete a transaction in your business. Our Specialist will program that into the HomeTown Mobile Rewards App™ so that you can start promoting your loyalty program to your customers.


When a customer decides to join your loyalty program have them download the HomeTown Mobile Rewards App™. Every time they make a purchase they scan your dedicated QR code at the point of sale to register their visit and earn their punch on your branded digital punch card.

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Reward them when they hit the designated punches and watch your sales revenue, repeat business, profits, and customer satisfaction grow!



• Only 10-15% of customers are loyal to one business but these customers generate 55%- 75% of that business’s revenue.

• Our Loyalty programs serves as tool to seamlessly capture your customers information so that you can build your list and continue to market your products and services to them through deals, coupons, announcements and notifications.

• Having a loyalty program helps you attract new customers and increase the spending levels of your current customers. It helps retain your customers and keep the competition at bay.

• Knowledge is power – By going digital, small business owners can see who, when, how often their customers are shopping and tailor/adjust their approach to grow their revenues.

• Having a loyalty program helps shift your customers spending to higher margin products/services.

• No cookie cutters. You control the program – rewards, criteria, small print, timeframes.

• Lets business to use excess inventory as a incentive to drive traffic and spend levels.

• You will be able to communicate at will and instantaneously with your Loyalty Customers through their phone.

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Let us build and manage your loyalty program today starting as low as $49/month!

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