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A loyalty program allows businesses to reward their loyal customers with perks for repeat business, spend levels and other criteria pertinent to that business. Most businesses use the old fashion paper punch card, however the rise of smart phones has taken this simple successful system and given it capabilities never seen before. The Hometown Mobile Rewards App™ solution puts the power of these capabilities in your hands.

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Let our team know what your amazing deal is or login into our portal to create/post a deal in minutes.

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All customers in town on the Hometown Mobile Rewards App™ will see your amazing deal and its details.


Customer redeems your deal with a click of a button at the point of sale and our system automatically captures their info so you can continue to engage them after they leave.

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Having the ability to communicate to your customers at the time of your choosing on their phone lets you share other incentives and drive sales in real time.


The advantages of the Hometown Mobile Rewards App™!

• Attract new local customers.

• Move excess inventory or fill empty tables/time slots.

• Live! Post a deal and see instant responses that day!

• Eliminate printing costs with digital deals/coupons while eliminating fraud.

• Track deal redemption so that you can see your ROI – Who, what and when are deals being redeemed.

• We leave more revenue in the family-owned businesses pocket. Enabling merchants to save and reinvest back into a better deal for hometown customers.

• HMRA Captures your customer automatically when they redeem a deal allowing you to build lists faster than ever. There are NO extra charges to continue to connect with your customer. When you have access to send a message to scores or hundreds of your best customers all at once, you can really begin to drive off-peak business and increase profits.

• Save $ - most deal publishers charge a % of each deals revenue. At HMRA we see ourselves as a long-term partner and believe that these revenues should stay with the hometown business so that they can offer even better deals to their local community.

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