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The core principle of marketing is to relay your message/promotion to your customers. Although this has not changed over the years the way we deliver our message has. From newspapers in the 30’s to catalogs/radio in the 50’s to TV in the 70’s/80’s to the internet in the 90’s, small business are continually adjusting the way they deliver their message.

Media Evolution


iPhone Announcements

The minute one of your customers joins your reward program or redeems your deal they automatically are able to see your announcements and notifications. Working with our Specialist or using our easy to use portal, business owners can instantly create messages and push them out to their customers as well as the ever growing HMRA network.

Create custom messages in minutes or let our Specialists help. Announce deals, specials, sales, news, events and much more keeping your customers up to date with your latest business developments. Push notifications direct to your customers or announcement board to the local community.

Downtown Businesses

The more local businesses using HMRA the more customers that see the announcements. We only work with local businesses using their combined strength to compete against national chains. Help us grow the network in your hometown by bring other local merchants on board. Use creative messaging to drive traffic to your store, website, social media pages and more All messaging features come standard when signing up with HMRA.



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